Max6675 Thermocouple Module

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Thermocouples have been around forever and are a great way to measure temperature.  They have a very large range, are robust and come in all kinds of lengths, varying tip configurations and a variety sheaths.

The challenge with using thermocouples is with the need for what is known as cold junction compensation and the need to detect a very small voltage change for every degree in change of temperature.

Fortunately there are chips like the MAX6675 that make connecting a thermocouple to your Arduino an affordable breeze.  The device measures the output of a K Thermocouple and provides the result to the Arduino via a SPI interface.

The MAX6675 chip measurement range is limited to what is detailed below:

Supply Voltage 3.3. to 5 VDC
Operating Current about 50mA
Measurement Range 0 to 1024 deg C
(32 deg F to 1875 F)
Measurement Resolution +/- 0.25 Deg C
(+/- 0.45 Deg F)
Output Uses a SPI Interface
Required SENSOR K Thermocouple

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